19) Toyland is Changing – by Natasha Rego, Hindustan Times, P.14-15 (digital article)

Clusters have wonderful and rare skills, says toy designer Surabhi Khanna

Traditional toy clusters have great potential but lack innovation. Khanna, a professor of industrial design at NID Haryana, says playing trends have changed, and toymakers must too.

18) Toycathon 2021 – Prof. Sudarshan Khanna and Prof. Surabhi khanna to speak about Toy Ideas on 18th January 2021. Toycathon 2021 is organized by the Innovation Cell, Ministry of Education with support of AICTE, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Women and Child Development, Ministry of Textiles, Ministry of MSME, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting. You-tube link and program link


17) Surabhi Khanna (India) was one of the 4 Mentors with Naama Agassi (Israel), Heiko (Germany), Irene (Germany). 23 participants from Germany, Belgium, Kenya, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Colombia, USA, Thailand/Japan, Philippines, Lithuania, Russia, India, Israel were a part of 18th UNESCO – International Creativity workshop on TOY DESIGN & INCLUSIVE PLAY- January 2019, conceptualized and organized by Fördern durch Spielmittel.  This was a unique experience of a group of designers, psychologists, social development consultants interacting with groups of special needs ranging from children to senior citizen. Toy/ game/ playful product was designed and developed in these 2 weeks of intensive workshop. The final exhibition was followed by discussion on how each outcome can be produced.I hope you will find it worthwhile to view.


16) Happy to have been a part of the 100th issue of Pool Magazine#poolmagazine #POOL100 .

Pool_100_110_111 surabhi quote

15) SKK-SK Article for Sasian Journey (AHF)  Dynamic Ephemeral Ingenious Toys; Playful Design Heritage for Innovative Learning & Earning

Article Sudarshan & Surabhi Khanna - Sasian Journey Compendium Volume-2-70Article Sudarshan & Surabhi Khanna - Sasian Journey Compendium Volume-2-71Article Sudarshan & Surabhi Khanna - Sasian Journey Compendium Volume-2-73

14) ITRA newsletter – spring 2014 – page 17,18 –

13)  The Book-Document “Extraordinary India” published in Dutch & English. Ellis Mensinga, ex-curator of museum in Denhaag, Holland invited Surabhi Khanna to join her for a book project on adoption centre Balanand and Umang centre for special adults. Ellis has a longtime, personal experience with these centres. Surabhi assisted Ellis in the process of research, translations, photography and workshops for the purpose.  Ellis gave a presentation on Tuesday, 31st october 2017 at Product Design Studio, Sushant School of Design, Ansal University. The students and faculty had a good interaction and discussion after the session.


12) – a 42 minute video with a 6 minute introduction continued with slides and activities. Invited for conference on “quality education for all” from 14-16 sept 2015 at Hydrabad, we, Surabhi and Sudarshan spoke on “toys for integrated, inclusive education and development”.

interview, NDTV goodtimes, ssd installation at DLF promenade with Tamana organization for special needs.

Unique way of celebrating Diwali with Design 
Sushant School of Design (…) recently collaborated with Tamana Foundation ( – a non-profit organization working with special children and DLF Promenade to celebrate Diwali in a Design way. On 27th October 2016, the students – masters in interior design and bachelor of product design created an installation with 700 diyas, made by the special children at Tamana, which were bought by DLF promenade. The basic concept behind the installation was “Togetherness” to celebrate the collaborative spirit. This was done under the guidance of Faculty Ms. Simrun Sethi (associate professor) and on-site support from Faculty Ms. Surabhi Khanna (assistant professor). Mandala art with the Diyas was created along with silhouette of many children to capture the bright celebration. At dusk, the space of installation was graced with the presence of special children from Tamana, SSD faculty & students and DLF marketing manager and patrons. Together when everyone lit up diyas, the installation came to life to create a beautiful visual treat. This was a very valuable experience gained by students of design collaborating with specially-abled children’s’ organization Tamana and DLF Promenade.

11) –  Colombia, South America

10) –  Colombia, South America

9) – – Colombia, South America

8) –  Colombia, South America

7)  – Colombia, South America

6)  – Bangalore, India

5) – Delhi, India

4) – The Conversation

3) article titled “A Family with Toy as Teacher”, published by Families Learning Together Magazine (FLT) by Swaraj University founded by Manish Jain – 

View at

2) – excerpt from article in Pool Magazine #56

1)  Surabhi Khanna interview in India’s Design magazine – Pool Magazine #56  – article pdf in Pool Magazine #56 Surabhi Khanna – Toy Designer, India, Design and Therapy, Design, Play & Education




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