Workshops with Teachers, M.El.Ed & B.el.ed students, architecture and design students, school students, organizations, formal and nonformal learners, are conducted on different topics, mainly concentrating on Design through Toy, Game & Play. “Toys & Tales (khel aur kahaani)”, “One to Many”, “toys & tales for inclusive play and learning”, “Communicating with Toys”,  “Toy for Joy”, “Toy design & education (khel, design aur shiksha)” are some workshops for various groups interested in design & education.

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“TOY DESIGN And INCLUSIVE PLAY”, Berlin, 14-28th January 2019 23 participants from Germany, Belgium, Kenya, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Colombia, USA, Thailand/Japan, Philippines, Lithuania, Russia, India, Israel were a part of UNESCO – 18th International Creativity workshop on “TOY DESIGN FOR INCLUSIVE PLAY”, conceptualized and organized by Fördern durch Spielmittel. Surabhi Khanna (India) was one of the 4 Mentors with Naama Agassi (Israel), Heiko (Germany), Irene (Germany). This was a unique experience of a group of designers, psychologists, social development consultants interacting with groups of special needs ranging from children, toddlers to senior citizen. Toy/ game/ playful product was designed and developed in these 2 weeks of intensive workshop. The final exhibition was on 27th January 2019 followed by discussion on how each outcome can be produced. Thank you Siegfried Zoels (Founder, Managing Director, Fördern durch Spielmittel and initiator of the creativity workshop since 1991) for this special opportunity.

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