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Surabhi Khanna, Designer, Educator

Surabhi Khanna, Designer, Educator

Designer , Educator, New Delhi, India



Linked In: https://www.linkedin.com/in/surabhi-khanna-0025776b/

Surabhi Khanna is a designer, educator. She has masters in Industrial Design, with specialization in toy and game design, from National Institute of Design (NID), India after graduation in architecture. She has worked on projects and workshops related to heritage, innovations, culture-based design.She has been associated with several institutions of design and education as a part time/ visiting faculty.

She was invited as an exchange designer for 6 months in Germany in 2010 and was invited Mentor (January 2019, Berlin) and invited participant (March 2013, Altdorf) for UNESCO, Germany, creativity workshop on Inclusive education and development. She was co-invitee in April 2014 for talks-workshops on design & education by Social & Early Education Management, Barranquilla, Colombia (South America)  with the eminent Prof. Sudarshan Khanna (www.sudarshankhanna.com). In September 2014, also co-invited for conducting workshops for teachers at Sabana university, Bogota Colombia. In May 2016, also co-invited for talk-workshops by Aalborg university, Denmark. Two papers were presented at International Toy Research Association (ITRA) conference, Paris in July 2018. In May 2019, she was invited for talk-workshop at Play Design M.Des program in Kolding University and workshop session at Design, Learning, Innovation centre at Aalborg university. 

“I believe that design education is the building block for a happy society.  Creating an experience of design thinking for individuals is one of my interests and expertise. I rejoice the process of design learning and working towards inclusive and innovative design.”

A workshop course was conducted on Toy Design with Nature’s inspiration for design students of IIT, Kanpur. Surabhi conducted a design elective for students of School of Planning & Architecture (SPA), New Delhi in 2014. She has been planning and offering sessions for the course Play, Learning and Creativity course for M.El.Ed students at Ambedkar university, new delhi since 2015. 

Surabhi has been design consultant for Design Awareness program for Madhubani Paper Mache craft cluster, Bihar, under Design Clinic Scheme MSME. She was involved in need assessment survey and conducted design intervention workshop for the economic development of the creative community.  

Design intervention workshop in Madhubani Paper mache craft cluster, Bihar from 2-6 dec 2013 under design clinic scheme msme  (1)

Design intervention workshop was conducted in Madhubani Paper mache craft cluster, Bihar from 2-6 dec 2013 under design clinic scheme msme. Madhuban Jagran newspaper covered the program. Many new designs are developed by local women. For many of them it was a first experience of working with this craft. The community appreciated and valued this design workshop.

Surabhi Khanna has also conducted design and education workshops for teachers at Katha, Jamia Millia Islamia, Care India, Teachers’ Education college of Delhi university, TISS, Mumbai students of Mirambika school, Pallavanjali, Nirmal Bhartia, children at Oxford bookstore and Sanskriti museum.

At her design studio in New Delhi, she is involved in design & development of innovative play products as stress busters and corporate gift items. She also works on consultancy projects and innovative design development of education and culture based products. She featured in Pool Design Magazine, February 2015.

She was Associate Dean (May 2019- July 2019), Program Head of Product Design (January 2018 – July 2019) and Assistant Professor (April 2016 – July 2019) at Sushant School of Design, Ansal university. 

Currently she is Faculty (Industrial Design) at National Institute of Design (NID), Kurukshetra, Haryana, India.

Juega Barranquilla or Play Barranquilla conference and event  21-27 april 2014,Barranquilla,Colombia, South America

A Happy Week in a Happy Nation!!We were invited Social & early education management of the office of Mayor Elsa Noguera of Barranquilla city, Colombia, South America from 21-27 april 2014 for “Juega Barranquilla” (Play Barranquilla) conference to conduct workshops and reflect on their social and early education program, an innovative and unique initiative involving people at the grassroot level for child development and education. We conducted design & education workshops for large number of teachers and children. It was quite an experience to spend an active week with people of the happy nation.

Online course attended

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  1. naveen wagh says:

    Hi Surabhi, Its Naveen wagh and I am also from educational backgrounds of NID 1985-1991.I am from VC.
    Saw your work and I am very much interested to contact and meet you as soon as possible. I am also working independently on the lines of Redesigning of system of school education.Besides this I am also focusing to redesign the school text books and teaching methodologies. For this I had taken a few workshops on my own. My email is waghnaveen @yahoo.com


  2. naveen wagh says:

    Kindly take a note of my No. too 8447230142


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